My Collections

Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of hand and machine made lace, and lace-related objects. I have bought a few pieces, but most have been given to me, often by people who have been tasked with disposing of items from a friend or relative.

Three technique doily

There are more doilies in my collection than any other item. Between them they illustrate more than two dozen styles of hand and machine lace. The example here is unusual as it includes three different craft lace techniques: the main circle is a knotted net made with a shuttle like fishing net. The outer border is also knotted, but this is made with a needle a technique known as Armenian needlelace. The rest of the lace is mainly buttonhole stitch a simple form of Reticella needlelace.  

In due course there will be a ‘Doily Challenge’ section on this site showing a wide range of techniques.

Netting Knots
Armenian needle lace

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