Gil’s Lace Miscellany

I am Gil Dye, a lace maker, designer and researcher who has enjoyed lace and related textiles since I made my first crochet mat at the age of eight. My chief love is bobbin lace, with a particular interest in 16th and 17th  century lace – see my website: –  however I am also fascinated by the great variety of lace techniques, the links lace has to other areas of creativity and the power lace has had in fashion for more than 500 years.

This site was started during the restrictions caused by the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic when I was working on various lace-related projects, for myself, for my students and for a lace identification book that was due at the publisher.

Researching material for talks, books, articles and teaching has taken me down many interesting byways and put me in touch with a variety of fascinating people. Some of the material has been put to immediate use, much has been parked in an assortment of folders. Pages on this website will be bringing together a mix of material from these folders.